Ticketing Program. Season 2019/20

  • Tickets for home games of FC Krasnodar can be purchased on the club’s official website and at the stadium ticketing offices (1, Razvedchika Leonova st., opposite to the 14th Entry of the Southern Stand).Working schedule: from 9 am till 7:pm on workdays, from 10 am till 6 pm on weekends. On match days the ticketing offices do not work! You can buy tickets online via your profile (for season pass or supporter’s cards holders).
  • The attendance of the upcoming match is restricted up to 30% of the total capacity of the stadium.
  • The new FC Krasnodar supporter’s cards registration will resume on 20th of October, 2020 in the ticketing offices of the stadium.


    Без маски, без перчатки не выходить! Только магазин, аптеку необходимость только выходить!

  • All tickets sales in the ticketing offices are performed with the presence of the document, that identifies buyer’s personality. An agreement of the personal data processing is filled out also. When buying a ticket with the presence of the FC Krasnodar season pass, you don’t have to produce the document for filling in the personal info (although you will have to produce the document on cashier’s demand for matching the data and identity verification).
  • FC Krasnodar supporter’s card. It is given for free for persons over the age of 18 on the fact of personal presence at the ticketing window; and allows to purchase a club’s home game ticket. It gives the right of the second-in-turn(после владельцев after абонементов season pass holders) when buying the Bulls’ home game tickets of any tournament. Previously given supporter’s cards are valid!
    Supporter’s card for persons under 18 is registered in the presence of the person’s parents or legitimate representatives (when producing a passport (for the parents or legal representatives) and passport\birth certificate (for underaged persons)).
  • Information for low-mobility persons can be found in the «Parafan section».
  • Please, follow this link to become familiar with the rules of acquisition and usage of tickets and season passes.

Group Orders

You can submit a group order for the employees of your company or enterprise (of no less than 15 persons) to attend the home matches of FC Krasnodar. In order to do so, please complete a special application form.

    A duly formalized application should be
  • drawn up on a stamped letterhead paper;
  • sent to the following e-mail address

Please note that the booking of seats will be canceled five days after they are reserved, but no later than 24 hours before the kick-off.

Purchase Procedure for FC Krasnodar Supporter Cards

When supporter card is received a person buying a ticket shall declare his phone number, last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth along with the series and number of an ID (i.e. passport, driving license, birth certificate for children aged 5-14, etc) proving them with the actual documents. The personal data is stored digitally in the client’s card (season pass or supporter card) and is subsequently used when purchasing tickets.

When the first ticket is purchased by a supporter without a season pass, he/she receives an FC Krasnodar supporter card free of charge. He/she then provides a ticketing office with a personal data processing agreement represented by a document that can be completed at the ticketing office directly or downloaded at the following link (PDF format), printed out, completed and brought to the ticketing office. For persons under 18 years of age their parents complete the document expressing consent to process the personal data for the minors (a link to download the formin a .docx format).

Whenever a ticket is purchased online supporters shall complete an application with their passport details. After a physical verification is done to check if the details match the document, supporter cards can be received at the ticketing office.

On matchdays supporters without a supporter card, but willing to use the non-cash payment system services at the stadium (currently operating in a test mode), are entitled to receive a non-personal card (with no bonus accumulation). The latter can be used as a supporter card if registered at the ticketing office. An ID must be provided to do so.

! When a season pass is bought, a supporter card holder must hand his/her card back to the ticketing office. Once a season pass is received the supporter card is no longer valid.

! A paid recovery rule for the lost or damaged season passes/ supporter cards has entered into force since season 2019/20. The service cost is 100 rubles.

! If there are no changes to the personal data, season pass/ supporter card holders, previously registered in the personal accounts, will automatically receive access to buying tickets online using the new season 2019/20 cards or season passes.

If you have any questions remaining please direct them to our e-mail address contact the call-centre operator at +7 861 210-89-80. We will be delighted to assist. See you at the stadium!

Ticket Prices. Season 2019/20

Spartak, Zenit, CSKA, Lokomotiv
2500 4500
2500 4500
Business 1
1300 3300

Business 2
1200 3000
Standard 1 West
1200 2000
Standard 1 East
900 1500
Standard 2 West
800 1300
Standard 2 East
700 1300
Standard 3 West
500 900
Standard 3 East
500 900
Standard 4 West
400 700
Standard 4 East
400 700
Standard 5
300 600
Away Fan Sector
Home Fan Sector
300 600

* Ticket prices for the Russian Football Premier League and the Russian Cup matches, excluding fixtures vs. FC Spartak Moscow, FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, PFC CSKA Moscow and FC Lokomotiv Moscow.

Children aged 1 to 4 years old enter the stadium free of charge but with no seats provided.

In order to get a better understanding of the view from the stands and choose the best seats please use the 3D virtual tour of the stadium.

Home Fan Sector

Send your season pass orders for the Home Fan Sector 115 to


High resolution

If you have any questions remaining please direct them to our e-mail address or contact the call-centre operator at +7 861 210-89-80. We will be delighted to assist. See you at the stadium!

Payments at the Food Stalls (Stadium Fast Food Chain)

All season pass/supporter card holders are allowed to make a deposit at the virtual account to facilitate payments at the food stalls (stadium fast food chain). A recharge voucher (payment card) can be also used to make payments; it can be received at the terminals next to the ticketing offices or directly at the stadium.

Why is it convenient?

• Instant non-cash payment, no exact change is needed.

• A better price: when making a payment with a recharge voucher you automatically get a 10 percent discount for every order.

The balance for a recharge voucher, a season pass or a supporter card can be replenished by means of the terminals inside the stadium bowl, in cash or by non-cash methods of payment.

Season Pass and Supporter Card

Advantages Season Pass Supporter Card
Permanent seat at the stadium yes no
A better price yes no
Entrance to the stadium bowl yes no
Participation in the prize giveaways yes no
Priority right to buy out tickets yes after the season pass holders and before the open sales begin
Purchasing tickets at the ticketing office w/o showing one’s passport yes yes
Priority right to buy tickets/ packages for all EUFA Europa League fixtures* yes after the season pass holders and before the open sales begin

FC Krasnodar presents the supporter’s personal profile, which unifies online ticket purchase, club’s merchandise e-shop, forum and many other things.

Note, that your phone number is assigned to your profile; using one and the same number to verify different profiles is not possible.

In your profile page, you can buy FC Krasnodar Russian Premier League and Krasnodar – 2 Football National League home game tickets online. To make your purchase, you have to complete the two-tier verification:

  1. Sign In on the supporters’s profile. Personal data is filled out on the main page of the website; Registration confirmation is performed via SMS and e-mail;
  2. Season pass assignment (for the current season) or the supporter’s card* for purchasing tickets online. The assignment is performed by entering card series and card number (e.g. КБ 0000001) and data confirmation by SMS (sent to the number assigned to the holder’s card/season pass).

* You can purchase the season pass or get the supporter’s card for free only in the ticketing office of the stadium. See more info in the Season Pass section, and in the «Succession of registration» tab on the current webpage.

You can send all your questions to the e-mail, , stating your request as detailed as it is possible (with screenshots provided, if possible).